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Winter Safety, WE are all in this together.

With the upcoming weather advisory we ask all to please be safe and patient. Inclement weather is a serious danger to sanitation trucks that requires us to take our time and to be extra careful in our daily routine. If you encounter a sanitation truck during inclement weather we ask that you please be kind and courteous while the driver is operating the vehicle. Safety is a very important part of all of us getting through this together.

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Recycling Regulations for New York City




 Please be advised:


Our fleet is routed to properly collect materials by waste type:


  1. All recyclables, including bottles and cans have to be placed in blue or clear bags.
  2. All compostable material must be placed in green bags.
  3. Cardboard must be flattened and tied.


To ensure proper collection of such recyclables, please comply with the Department of Sanitation separation requirements which can be found on their website:


Be mindful, if you do not comply with this regulations, all fines will be directed to you, or your business.