Efficient and state of the art waste recycling facility.

Century Waste utilizes an efficient and state of the art waste recycling facility that safely and effectively processes recyclables. Century Waste Services LLC is also proud to offer Composting for all New York and New Jersey Customers whom would like to get in on the amazing advancement in Recycling.

Single Stream Processing

Century Waste provides its customers with the convenience of single stream (also known as “no-sort” or “single-sort”) collection recycling services and construction waste recycling. The separation and processing of a commingled mixture of recyclables is handled by us, reducing collection costs and minimizing the sorting efforts by the customer.

LEED Certification

Century Waste is dedicated to becoming the go-to company for the waste management needs of the ever growing green building industry. We are a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council and are able to provide LEED Reports for our customers upon request. Our knowledgeable staff will assist and guide you to ensure that your project meets or exceeds the green standard of today.